• Image of "ADRIFT;REVENGE"
  • Image of "ADRIFT;REVENGE"
  • Image of "ADRIFT;REVENGE"

The image of the unmanned boat adrift in the sea gives me a sense of calm as well as an anxious anticipation. A vessel captive to the whims of the wind and tides yet isolated, untethered and autonomous.

The Adrift plaque series are made of hand cut linoleum ink block prints on Japanese rice paper that are hand colored and mounted to 1/2" MDF board.

The colors are made from acrylic washes. The stamped text is made from acrylic.

This here is REVENGE.

She was made in 2015 during a year of transitions and coming to terms with loss and retribution. I entertained many a fantasy of revenge with no true desire or intention to act upon the ineffectual pursuits of retribution.

My way of dealing was to create. The labor intensive and repetitive nature of the process lends itself well to the healing and acceptance of when someone does you wrong.
This print is treated with my homemade beeswax/dammar encaustic which not only provides protection but really enhances the rich quality og the inks and acrylic washes.

The whole piece is 6.5" x 1/2" x 6.5"
The back is signed, wired and ready to hang.


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