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adrift : revenge

  • adrift : revenge
  • adrift : revenge
  • adrift : revenge
  • adrift : revenge

The image of the unmanned boat surrounded by water gives me a sense of calm as well as an anxious anticipation. A vessel captive to the whims of the wind and tides.

"ADRIFT" is an image I carved into linoleum in 2015 and have been putting out editions about once a year since.

I am a big fan of one-of-a-kind works so when I create print editions I introduce a few unique embellishments to one or more of the particular run I am making. For this Adrift edition during 2015, The print is hit with both color and text.

The emotions it most evokes for me are that of adventure, solitude and contemplation. But like the ladder in my works, the image of the boat can take on so many meanings depending on their environment. They can be a statement or just a punctuation in a narrative. In this case, the narrative take a sinister potential.

This print is made with oil baed ink on a sheet of rice paper. The word revenge is stamped along the bottom. The colors are brown and red are added to the back of the sheet of rice paper and suspiciously resembles blood. Or possibly it is just a shadow?

This print is mounted on a block of 1/2" ply and then covered in my homemade beeswax/dammar encaustic.

The absorbed wax brings out the saturation from behind. I love this move because it adds subtle layer without competing with the ink's boldness and texture.

She is wired and ready to hang.