• Image of ASF #1/19 "Beacon"
  • Image of ASF #1/19 "Beacon"
  • Image of ASF #1/19 "Beacon"

ASF- "A Solid Friendship" is a series of small works that were created as a tribute to family, friends and colleagues. The collection is a total of 19. Each of the work within the series is a unique, one of a kind piece.

Each piece is made with acrylics, carbon transfer and my homemade beeswax/dammar/carnauba wax encaustic. They are all mounted in their own custom handmade pine frame. Each frame is stained and waxed sealed. The backs are signed, numbered and titled. They are wired and ready to hang.

# 1 in the collection of 19 is "BEACON".
The beacon is dearly loved metaphor and symbol I use often in my work. It is the genesis, the origin of a fascination and curiosity. It is the spark of possibilities. The star and the cloud are frequent portals I use to travel through memory. Like an old friend or mentor.A place to deposit questions and dreams.

One of the difficult things to get across from the images online are the different shades of gold leaf and color in the sky. There is a beautiful effect from the combination of the enriching wax encaustic and the layers of paint with iridescent leaf. This is a treat and a luxury for those who view the work in person.

This piece holds a special place in my heart. It is the first of this series and set off the inspiration for the collection.

"Beacon" is 6.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"


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