• Image of ASF #3/19 "Making Plans"
  • Image of ASF #3/19 "Making Plans"
  • Image of ASF #3/19 "Making Plans"

ASF- "A Solid Friendship" is a series of small works that were created as a tribute to family, friends and colleagues. The collection is a total of 19. Each of the work within the series is a unique, one of a kind piece.

Each piece is made with acrylics, carbon transfer and my homemade beeswax/dammar/carnauba wax encaustic. They are all mounted in their own custom handmade pine frame. Each frame is stained and waxed sealed. The backs are signed, numbered and titled. They are wired and ready to hang.

# 3 is called "Making Plans". It is a tribute to an old and good friend of mine and when we were traveling together in Europe. It signifies our bond and mutual passions.
The place in this piece could be anywhere which is a metaphor to the timeless nature of a true friendship.
It triggers for me a very specific time and place but the memory is imprinted in my subconscious and goes everywhere with me forever.

"Making Plans" is 7.5" x 8.5" x 1.5"


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