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  • Image of babayaga house
  • Image of babayaga house
  • Image of babayaga house
  • Image of babayaga house

Since I was a child I adored the tale of an old witch named Babayaga that lived in the woods in a house perched upon a chicken leg.

I began making these little guys in 2011 from the scraps of my many bird installations over the years. My love for houses and birds is combined with my love for the old Eastern European fairy tale to create these cute and creepy creatures.
They are made of basswood with hand colored carbon transfers upon plastic and feather bodies.
The roofs are all hand made from tiny wood shingles.

The house is mounted on it's own custom 1.75" squared wood block stand that is stained. The topside of the block is decorated with textured acrylic to mimic grass and rock. The bottom of the base is fixed with carpet tacks to preserve the inscriptions on the bottom.

The entire piece stands at 5.5" tall

Each one of the houses I make comes with a name attached and scrolled on the bottom of the base.

This one is called Gina.

Each one is a unique and one of a kind object. A lot of love and detail goes into each one of these little guys.
They feed off the souls of children and easy to take care of.


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