• Image of COUCH * 9.5 x 13 open edition Giclée
  • Image of COUCH * 9.5 x 13 open edition Giclée
  • Image of COUCH * 9.5 x 13 open edition Giclée
  • Image of COUCH * 9.5 x 13 open edition Giclée

Simply titled "Couch", this photo is a shot from the backyard of the house where I grew up in New City, NY just 20 miles north of Manhattan.

Although the city became the backdrop of my teenage and adult life, this wood filled landscape was the playground of my youth.

Growing up with my family was something of being an oddity, me the american born son of eastern European immigrants nestled in the hills of a burgeoning suburb that was made up of mostly middle class white Americans. I did find myself a bit out of place, a bit pushed from the center and frequently left to my own devices when it came to play time.

These woods provided a template for the adventures of the outcast and the overlooked. Over the years, as I gravitated towards the other oddballs in my periphery, the woods remained a place for us to go, hide and behave differently as we pleased.

This image of the couch placed in the woods by my parents very much sums up the idea of belonging where one does not belong to me.
Here I am offering a limited edition of 33 pigment print on 9.5" x 13" EPSON Ultra Premium Presentation Matte 192gsm paper.
This EPSON paper paired with the EPSON Ultrachrome archival pigments create a smooth matte rich toned print that will last for lifetimes.
The image is 9.5" x 13"

Each print is signed, dated and titled in pencil across the bottom leaving the collector the choice of displaying the inscription or masking with a matt frame.

This is an open edition run and is not limited to a particular number of prints.
All prints are made and approved by myself.
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It is being offered here UNFRAMED


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