• Image of Floating Ladder House #21/25
  • Image of Floating Ladder House #21/25
  • Image of Floating Ladder House #21/25
  • Image of Floating Ladder House #21/25
  • Image of Floating Ladder House #21/25

These one of a kind sculptures are part of a limited edition of 25 hand made houses made of hardwood. Each house is painted and coated with gold leaf dust.
The facade of each house from this set has a ladder painted on it. Every house is then coated with a thin varnish to keep the image protected and it's golden body preserved.

This one here is #21 of the 25 made.

I could go on and on about how I love ladders but I will spare you of that for now.

All I can say about these little creatures is that each one is totally unique and comes mounted on their very own custom made landscape base of painted sand, concrete and acrylics.
The house is connected to the base with thick gage wire to give it the illusion of floating.
It is a playful gimmick that reminds me of the toys and puzzles one could mail order from the backs of old comic books like x-ray glasses, diving submarines or a rubber mouse on a fishing line to make it look alive.

Each one of these guys stand at approximately 4" high with bases that are approximately 1.75" all around with some slight varying lengths.

Each base is numbered and signed and has 4 brass buttons hammered into them in order to help preserve the inscriptions.

These little relics are made with a ton of love and my stubborn standard of compulsive attention to detail and quality. In other words, I love these guys and I am proud to be able to share them with you!

These FGLH are also a sister edition to the Floating Golden Star house who has all 4 sides adorned with several of my all time favorite renditions of the star from medieval woodcuts and illuminated manuscripts. Be sure to have a look at them as well.

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