• Image of ghost ladder #9
  • Image of ghost ladder #9
  • Image of ghost ladder #9
  • Image of ghost ladder #9

Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a good ladder. I even like bad ones. I also happen to like a good ghost story.
Well it is no wonder I created a new series of ladders called "Ghost Ladders"

This is a series of free standing handmade ladders that are created with wood, acrylics, rice paper and fire.

Here we have #9!

The hand glued rungs are wrapped in vintage rice paper and glue. They are then set on fire and finised with acrylic washes.

#8 stands at 8 1/4" tall. The base is 2 1/8" x 1/2" x 1 7/8"
Each one of these ladders are unique. Each one is numbered and signed on the bottom. The bottoms are fixed with 4 brass buttons to help the ladder stand while protecting the inscription on the base.

This is the best way to always have a ladder close by to your workspace, your kitchen, your bathroom and even your bedroom.

These little spirit ladders would love to sit in your window and watch the birds get pounced on by cats. Keep one by your computer to make sure no one steals your identity or your soul.

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