• Image of Ghost ship #1 : Giclée limited edition of 33
  • Image of Ghost ship #1 : Giclée limited edition of 33
  • Image of Ghost ship #1 : Giclée limited edition of 33
  • Image of Ghost ship #1 : Giclée limited edition of 33
  • Image of Ghost ship #1 : Giclée limited edition of 33

My Ghost Ship series began in 2017. I was in the studio working with a collection of photos of a location dubbed "The Secret Lake" by my father. It was at a debunked summer camp in the woods of Harriman state park NY. My family had been visiting this spot for decades. On one particular visit with my sister and her family I compiled several rolls of medium format black and white shots of the water. These shots have found their way into different bodies of my work since 2009.

They have become a starting point and inspiration before and it was during one particular day that squiggle or doodle made its first appearance hovering over the water. It was a primitive gesture that triggered the series. I was drawn to the simplicity and ominous presence of the ufo skating across the timeless and everlasting landscape.

So many metaphors and stories came to mind and the natural reaction felt so correct that I was compelled to create more. This was the genesis of the project.

Over time the "ships" took different shapes. Some longer some shorter showing less speed and more of a slither or suspended twist. At times the line became a mass of twisted serpent like knots.

I leave much interpretation up to the viewer. The line or squiggle can come to represent what triggers the individual within their own experience and at times taps into a group or collective unconsciousness.

This is a print of the first Ghost Ship made in 2017. Wherever the series takes me I feel that this is the theme at its most pure and simple and holds the tale of all the ships to follow whatever shape they may take. It is the mothership.

I am offering an edition of 33 archival pigment prints on 13" x 19" Epson Legacy Fibre paper. It is printed using Epson archival UltraChrome matte pigments.

This beautiful matte surface paper is 100% cotton fibre, semi smooth surface, acid and lignin free with no optical brightening agents. All this fancy stuff pretty much means that this is an archival print that will last and last and last so as long as the planet sticks around, so will your print.

I fell in love with this paper after much experimentation and exploring the digital print realm in order to present my images with the quality it deserves. After trying different textures from other papers I found that this paper lends itself to the size of this print so well with all the details in the trees preserved by the soft matte surface.

Each print is signed, dated and numbered along the bottom leaving the option to keep visible or concealed if matted within a frame. I find this keeps the visual aesthetic up to the collector.

You will receive your print in a sealed clear plastic protective envelope to keep your print protected from surface damage and moisture during handling prior to framing. You will also receive a signed and dated note of provenance and care instructions to ensure your knowledge of the particular paper your print is on and proof of authenticity.

All the pigment prints I offer are created in house by myself. I approach the digital darkroom much as I have the traditional darkroom for over 25 years by treated each image with
incredible care and consideration before releasing any edition.

There is a great deal of thought put into sizes, tones and papers used for each particular image.

I have the same high demand for quality for my digital print work as I have had for all my work for nearly 3 decades.

I use only high quality, archival pigments and papers to ensure stunning tones and textures for long lasting works.


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