• Image of Ghost ship #5
  • Image of Ghost ship #5
  • Image of Ghost ship #5
  • Image of Ghost ship #5
  • Image of Ghost ship #5

I cannot explain the meaning of the GHOST SHIP series much more than just my fascination with the squiggle.

This body of work is dedicated to the timeless sketch that has traveled across oceans of time since the act of mark-making began.

The doodle is not limited to just the artist. Everyone at one time or another finds themselves, either on the phone or zoning out, with a pen in hand unconsciously scribbling along the edges of a scrap of paper, a school desk, pant legs, or walls.

The looped squiggles found their way into many of my works, mostly in the background or filling the skies of a landscape. They have come to represent sound waves, phantoms, thought bubbles, and clouds.

This series zeroes in on the twisting object and portrays them as floating spirits or mirages.
They are like snap-shots of the objects in between locations that they are featured in with my larger works.
They are portraits of commuting doodles. I imagine them on their way to their next painting like migrating butterflies.

Here is GHOST SHIP #5

It is an acrylic painting mixed with gelatin silver print. The painting is on a 19.5" x 15" MDF board. The piece is coated with my homemade recipe of beeswax/dammar crystal/carnauba wax encaustic. This protects the work while eliminating the need for glass.

The painting is mounted in a custom handmade pine frame. The wood is stained with a signature bone and black treatment and sealed with polishing wax.

The back is titled, signed, wired, and ready to hang.

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