• Image of "Haunted"(LOVE LETTER)2015
  • Image of "Haunted"(LOVE LETTER)2015
  • Image of "Haunted"(LOVE LETTER)2015
  • Image of "Haunted"(LOVE LETTER)2015
  • Image of "Haunted"(LOVE LETTER)2015

Haunted is a tribute to confabulation. It is a reference to my own memory and false memory. It is a tribute to and the romanticizing of my early recollections of my first encounter with the infatuation of a girl.
It is not about a girl or any particular person. It is just a visual phrase regarding a rather nebulas emotion.

Besides the inherit elusive nature of the emotion, I am dealing with a foggy and distant memory from 1985 which is most accessible through music and smells.

In this particular case, the scent of a warm ocean at night along with the song "Haunted" by Love And Rockets is a valuable combination to help unlock that feeling.

Often times because a great deal of my work is rooted in film photography, I will have several versions of the shot that ultimately become the template for a finished work. This leaves several versions of the shoot unpublished and forgotten by myself. Sometimes while rummaging through the hundreds of negatives over the past 25+ years I will come across another version of a shoot I am compelled to print and create a piece with.

For me this is a great way to revisit and elaborate upon an idea that came to me earlier on. It also can revel deeper or new meanings to the original work I made from the photo shoot.
The original "Love Letter" work was created in 2007 for my first solo exhibition in London.
"Love Letter" 2015

An interesting difference between the 2007 and 2015 version is that in the later one, the woman has her eyes open. A different negative was used for the piece and I feel that besides keeping both works unique, it gives the later one a nod to the passage of time and refers to the memory being engaged rather than being in the moment of.

The "Haunted" version was made in 2015

It is a silver gelatin print (Traditional dark room black and white).
The print is mounted on 1/4" MDF panel. It has acrylic, ink, pencil and carbon transfers.
The piece is coated in my homemade recipe of Beeswax/Dammar/Carnauba wax encaustic. This is a traditional process for protecting and preserving art used for centuries.
I personally love the texture and unification of the surface it contributes to my photography and collage.

The frame is all handmade and custom for the piece.
It is constructed of stained and waxed pine with an interior vignette of hand cut and hammered aluminum.

The whloe piece is 11.75" x 2.5" x 10"
The back is signed, wired and ready to hang.


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