• Image of Hunter Hunter Hunt
  • Image of Hunter Hunter Hunt
  • Image of Hunter Hunter Hunt
  • Image of Hunter Hunter Hunt

This is a pigment print of the piece "HUNTER HUNTER HUNT" 2018. The image is enlarged and some colors have been manipulated from the original work in order to preserve the rarity of the original as well as create this special edition
This limited run pigment print is taken from one of the 19 images that make up the 2018 collection of works titled "A Solid Friendship".

The "A Solid Friendship"series was created as a meditation and a celebration of the joy from friends, family, and peers. It is an exploration of personal identity and the events that become the liner notes of a life.
The images are folklore and legend transcribed from flashes and triggers that happen as the works were created. The spontaneous acts of collage and painting do their best to keep record of deeply imprinted sensory memories and dreams.

This playful and dreary image is apt metaphor for my personal desire to relate, create and survive. It is an homage and a taunt to the precarious position of the responsibility of an artist and a jest about the ridiculous amount of attention payed to a normal or acceptable portrayal of humankind.

What is hard to tell from the photo is that the mounted print is coated in a very thick, glass-like clear epoxy. The coating pops the saturation of the colors and gives the work an overall "gem" feel to it. I refer to it a like a piece of candy. It is truly wonderful.
The coating also works as a protective layer eliminating the need for glass.

Before the epoxy is added, the print is mounted on 1/4" hardwood. The print is then sized or prepared with a PVA clear acrylic.

The hardwood block with the print is floated in a custom made frame made of pine. The wood is treated with a signature custom stain treatment and is waxed to finish.

The whole piece is 11.5" x 9.75" x 1.5"
The back is titled, signed, wired and ready to hang.
The epoxy editions of my pigment prints are numbered in the order of their creation. This is #1.

This approach to the media offers one-of-a-kind rarity at an accessible affordability without sacrificing quality and process.

As is with all pigment prints from this shop, all images for this work are all original, first generation of the highest quality direct from the artist.


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