• Image of ladder icon box #11
  • Image of ladder icon box #11
  • Image of ladder icon box #11
  • Image of ladder icon box #11

I love Ladders. Plain and simple, they are one of my favorite things to draw. I can’t remember exactly when my romance with the ladder began, sometime in the early 2000‘s I discovered that they are my favorite thing to add to a piece.
Since then I’ve incorporated ladders in much of my work. The meaning of the latter has ranged from something that represents escape, entry, collaboration and elevation. But the meaning is fluid and can easily represent whatever the viewer fines in it.

I have used the image of the ladder in my paintings and sculptures as well as this series of lino cuts.
I called them icon boxes in reference to religious icon boxes of saints made in Russia.
This is icon box #11.
The image of the ladder is cut into linoleum and printed with oil based inks onto rice paper. The print is then soaked in my homemade beeswax/dammar/carnauba was encaustic.
This makes the paper stiff and gives it a semi transparent texture.

The print is then nailed to a piece of MDF board with a small stained wooden frame built around it.

Each ladder in the series is completely unique and how the papers treated after the print is made.This is something I practice with all of my series of limited additions. This gives the work, even though I repeated image, a one-of-a-kind element to it.

The box is 5 3/4” x 3 x 3/4”
The back is signed, wired and ready to hang


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