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  • Image of Mummy
  • Image of Mummy
  • Image of Mummy

So here we have an extra super special edition of creeps made especially for Halloween 2019.

They are a crossbreed of my Classic Babayaga Houses and my PKNs. But these go up another level from the Baba/PKN hybrids.......

These 3 dive deeper into the dark side of the undead. Not as joyful nostalgic as the trick-or-treater's masks.

The Mummy, Phantom, and the Obake are part of the ELEVATED HYBRIDS.

Not only are the themes more on the eerie, the execution of the piece are more sophisticated.

Each one is presented on a custom made perch. Each handmade from local branches mounted and varnished on a block of hardwood.

This here is Mummy. It is 8.5" high on a 2.5" x 2.5" base.