• Image of near shore off precipitous coasts Giclée
  • Image of near shore off precipitous coasts Giclée
  • Image of near shore off precipitous coasts Giclée
  • Image of near shore off precipitous coasts Giclée

This limited run pigment print is taken from one of the 19 images that make up the 2018 collection of works titled "A Solid Friendship".

The series was created as a meditation and a celebration of the joy from friends, family, and peers. It is an exploration of personal identity and the events that become the liner notes of a life.
The images are folklore and legend transcribed from flashes and triggers that happen as the works were created. The spontaneous acts of collage and painting do their best to keep record of deeply imprinted sensory memories and dreams.

This print is from the piece titled "Near shore off precipitous coasts". The thrill of creating this work was its immediate triggers of art history it set off for me. It is a very simple layout but is carries many hints of artists and styles that I have adored most my life.
The work is a nod to the Surrealists of the early 20th century like Max Ernst and Dali. as well as modern collage artists and filmmakers. The color scheme is something out of a expressionist's palette, maybe from the canvas of Van Gogh or the hand colored films of Robert Wiene. It has a somewhat melancholic atmosphere but a humorous tone which satisfies my love for Edward Gorey and Terry Gilliam.

I find this piece to be a treasure trove of reference to so many aspects of modern and contemporary art.

This edition is limited to only 50 signed, dated, titled and numbered prints.

Each of the prints are created on 9.5" x 13" EPSON Hot Press Natural 302gsm.
This is a beautiful, thick and smooth matte paper that hold deep saturated color so well and gives proper respect to the dark and black tones.
I find this paper pairs so very well with the EPSON Ultrachrome archival pigments used to create this print.
Each print is made and approved by myself.

The image is 7.5" x 8.5"
With or without a matt, this print fits in most standard 11x14 or 8x10(with trim) frames like a charm.


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