• Image of never/better #5/11*Open Tab*
  • Image of never/better #5/11*Open Tab*
  • Image of never/better #5/11*Open Tab*
  • Image of never/better #5/11*Open Tab*
  • Image of never/better #5/11*Open Tab*

Neverbetter is a limited edition series of mixed media on 11' x 14 7/8" sheets of Winsor & Newton 300gsm watercolor paper.

Here is #5 of 11
The skeletal centaur image is from a collage I made in 2005 while working with my collaborative art group, GMSH.
I would often think back on this character and want to revisit it. Finally I had a new silkscreen made and create d this new series of work with 12 years in between the first incarnation of this figure.

One of my favorite things about this guy is the humor of him. I really enjoyed working on this series. It felt good to channel the monkeyshines with my old friends and collaborators.

Working in this manner is a good way to let off some steam and poke fun a little at yourself and the world.

Also, It makes it possible to create an edition of prints that are tethered though imagery but each work remains completely unique.
In addition, although they all carry the tile of the "NEVERBETTER"edition, each piece comes with it's own personal title.

#5 is *open tab*The open tab can be a friend or foe. Endless drinks can be a recipe for an unforgettable evening be it good or bad. It can leave one in a stupor wondering "how did I get here?".Whatever happens, it always put a little smile on your face to find out there is one. And it always feel good to tell your pals not to worry, just put it on your tab.

Each of the works are silkscreened with selective areas of acrylic painting and drawing. The materials used vary in technique for each work but all consist of acrylic, inks, pencil and wax.

I am offering them here UNFRAMED but it would not take too much to pop one of these guys in a nice simple frame and have it watch over your humor for a while.
Also I am offering FREE SHIPPING on this piece right now for collectors in the USA. $15 for everywhere else. Not too shabby of a deal I'd say.


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