Open to suggestion 111 episode 1 "lost episode"

  • Open to suggestion 111 episode 1 "lost episode"
  • Open to suggestion 111 episode 1 "lost episode"
  • Open to suggestion 111 episode 1 "lost episode"
  • Open to suggestion 111 episode 1 "lost episode"

Here is the final drawing from the very first episode of OPEN TO SUGGESTION 111.
I was not yet well versed in the Instagram Live format so I was not able to save the video to be viewed later. This makes this my first official "Lost Episode" i guess you could always track Zuckerberg down and have him release the mined data if you ever really need to see it.

Also< yes the writing is backwards so the live comes out the right way around... i think...i am pretty sure. You see, I am still novice at this live shooting.


This particular drawing from the premiere lost episode is titled "OTSG #1/lost episode". Clever huh?

It was made on a 18" x 15.5" sheet of ARCHES archival and acid free printmaking paper.
The back is titled, signed and dated.

Open To Suggestion 111 first aired live on April 1st, 2020 at 1:11 pm.
The number 111 was used in the title in order to begin an unused hashtag to promote the show. It also became the designated time I would start the live feed. It is a number I refer to often in my work. I’m not going to get into that here.

OTSG is a 20-30 min interactive collaborative draw show I created during the first few weeks of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic as it was effecting the USA.
Being confined to homes, I wanted to be able to reach out and interact and entertain those at home who need a quick break from the overwhelming anxiety and responsibility during this time all over the world.

All of the drawings for OTSG are created live during the show with the visitors suggestions taken under consideration.

The show is inspired by the TV shows of the 1970's that I watched as a child when I would stay home from school when I was sick. A few of those shows were BOOKS COVER TO COVER with John Robbins Jr. and THE JOY OF PAINTING with Bob Ross with a bit of the BANANA SPLITS and THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

It is a low budget, no frills, fly by night project.
At the end of each episode, the drawing will be made available to purchase here at my shop.
Like most everyone right now, I am looking for ways to keep the lights on and make up for the grinding halt to livelihood we are ALL dealing with. I am hoping it gets sorted out real soon but in the meantime this is one way I am trying to cover the offset.

This is an experiment and may not reach a second episode so let us just see how it goes.

To see the recording of any of the saved episodes please copy this link: it is on my YouTube channel.