• Image of PKN #4 2017 Edition
  • Image of PKN #4 2017 Edition
  • Image of PKN #4 2017 Edition
  • Image of PKN #4 2017 Edition
  • Image of PKN #4 2017 Edition

Here we have PKN #4!!!

These little creepers were born out of procrastination. They are the result of me not doing what I should while keeping my hands and mind busy.

For me they are the byproduct of an oversaturated headspace, a result of too many burners going at once. They are the accumulation of inspirations and ideas that drive me. They are the culmination of my favorite images regarding the genre of horror and the season during the month of October. Most of the those warm snuggly feeling I get from these little houses are settled deep in my childhood.

The range of this inspiration covers my first encounter at a young age with the paintings of Bosch and Breugel, the ghosts of Scooby doo, the Skeksis of The Dark Crystal, the mask of Lucy Van Pelt in The Great Pumpkin, the Japanese mythical creature Tengu just to name a few.

This stew of emotional triggers mixed with my compulsion to create houses and fascination with birds has produced this series. This kind of work is some of my favorite things to create. They are such an unbiased all inclusive melange of my favorite time of year leading up to Halloween.

I am referring to them as PKN, my acronym for procrastination.
Each one is handmade and completely unique.

They are made of hand cut and painted Douglas Fir with wooden hand whittled basswood noses. They are pinted with acrylics and inks.

Each one is numbered in the order they are created in their particular season.

#4 is from the 2017 season.

They stand at approximately 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" high with a varying length in beak or nose, somewhere between 1/2" and 1"
Each one is numbered, dated and signed on the bottom.

Get one! Keep it close!

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