• Image of Subtle Movements Edition 0f 5
  • Image of Subtle Movements Edition 0f 5
  • Image of Subtle Movements Edition 0f 5
  • Image of Subtle Movements Edition 0f 5
  • Image of Subtle Movements Edition 0f 5

Presented here is a very special and very limited edition of 5 of my 2018 work titled SUBTLE MOVEMENTS. Although each of the pieces from the edition are essentially uniform, they are also slightly unique from each other. The treatment to the print and frame are the same but no two are exactly a like.

The 10.75" x 7.25" print itself is mounted, waxed and floated in its own handmade wood frame. The mats which they hover over are made from torn rice paper that has been dyed, waxed and mounted on a block of MDF board. This technique ensures that each work is one of a kind.
The detail of red along the side of the print mounted hardwood reflects of the gold edge on the inside of the custom wood frame. This combined with the tones on the back mat creates a warm golden glow surrounding the pigment print.
The 13.75" x 10.25" outer frame is treated with homemade stains and wax using my personal patina technique.
The back is signed, numbered, wired and ready to hang.

Of the so far 10 year photo collaboration with my niece Carly, Subtle Movements has been the most involved as far as planning and preparations. We went a little astray from our more spontaneous approach. The amount of work and juggling of plans had never been so involved and hectic.

None of this noise came through in the shoot. After the months of location scouting, the models availability coordination(she is a teenager now, it can be tough), the ladder building, dismantling, transporting and rebuilding, the installation in 7 foot deep swamp water navigating within chest high boots in the 90 degree bug filled august sun, after all that, we managed to create an image that gives off an aura of calm.

Once the shoot began, the now seasoned model went right into character. Her ability to find her role within the worlds we create together is automatic, second nature .We were quickly able to reveal the character of the piece.
I became a quiet witness to a personal rite being performed. She became the personification of the entire process.

The secrets to the work are whispers. The labor of the whole summons a peace while reveling new mystery. This is the chase for me. This is a vital part of what keeps me consistently and feverishly creating art.


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