• Image of Tiny house icon box Elevated first edition
  • Image of Tiny house icon box Elevated first edition
  • Image of Tiny house icon box Elevated first edition
  • Image of Tiny house icon box Elevated first edition

My obsession with the image of the house is by no stretch an uncommon one. The simple depiction of a home triggers a reaction in everyone. It is the personal memory that is sparked within an individual that makes the common 4 sided, angled roofed dwelling unique.
Houses also take on the character and attributes of a person. Sometimes right off the bat, sometimes over a lifetime. All in all, the home is one of the most understood, desired and recognized image for people.

What I have made here are small plaques of tribute to the object and the idea of home. They are tiny shrines that a person can use as trigger to store memory. That is one of my favorite things about art.

This 2018 is a limited edition called "Somerville Summer" in honor of the time of year and studio where they were created.

There is a total of 34 in the series.
This one here is #12
#12 is the first one of the series that is presented floating in its own custom hand made shadow box.
The house block hovers over a piece of hardwood cut from a previous work table of mine. The background has one years worth of patina from the studio on it.

The houses are made of linoleum oil based ink block print on a 5/8” thick wood block.
Each of the blocks are treated differently with unique hand embellishments in acrylic which are put down before the ink block is pressed.
When dry, the whole piece is coated with a fine matte varnish that protects the work without interfering with the pieces texture of the raised image in oil.

And just like people, no two houses are the same. Each house contains their own details that set them apart from one another. But they look fantastic when all together!

All of the blocks are approximately 3 1/4" x 3 1/8" with some slight variation in lengths.

The backs are all equipped with a saw tooth hanger so they are ready to go and pop on the wall. They also stand up on their own pretty well.

Adorn your home with a tribute to what it is and make one yours!
Or maybe a gift? for a pal? Who just got a new home? Now thats a good idea.


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