• Image of Viper and the stag
  • Image of Viper and the stag
  • Image of Viper and the stag
  • Image of Viper and the stag
  • Image of Viper and the stag

Sometimes my favorite works are the quick, more immediate collages that are thrown together like sketches.

This little collage is made up of stamped, painted, and collaged rice paper and Black and white dry toner photocopy on acetate. The layers of rice paper and acetate are mounted to a sheet of watercolor paper.
The piece is signed and titled on the backside.

It’s a fun little piece which captures much of the character of my larger works because of the image references I’m playing with here.

You will find the image of the snake or the Viper and the leaping stag in my work from many years past to present day.

These collages are fun for me because a lot of the techniques that I don’t always use together on a piece meet briefly to create another version of the atmosphere in my work.

I find a lot of value in these works because they are formed so purely.

This particular piece is 7 1/2“ x 5 1/2“ frame.

The frame is a very basic black metal with Glass. It is by no means anything fancy and most likely an owner might want to change into an upgraded frame. The work is easily removable.

But frankly, it’s how I keep the work around the studio in my house when I make these little guys. At the same time I would understand if somebody wanted a fancier frame.

This is also why this work is affordable. Cost of the frame is not considered but included in the price of the collage.

But this presentation also makes living with the work more immediate.


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